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Sunday, January 21, 2018

How to get the NERVE of the 'Market' by applying 'Technical Chart Pattern Analysis' with LIVE example...

POWER of Technical CHARTING with LIVE Example -  

Charts are graphical displays of price information of securities over time and easily spot Patterns and trends. If we summarised the defination of  ‘Chart Patterns’ we conclude that “History repeat itself” and the theory behind the same is based on this assumption that certain patterns consistently reappear and tend to produce the same outcomes.

There are  hundred of ‘studies & indicators an Investors/Traders tend to be used very carefully after taken into consideration for any trading activity and it’s nearly impossible to decipher every indicator in a moment. Here I found a very good and simple combination of Indicators to find the right direction of the Market/stock/commodity, these are – 


*As all the information of these indicators are available online so I believe ‘Investors’ are already aware of the same thus I can’t go with the full details.

So please find below the daily ‘Technical Chart Pattern’ of LUPIN share as on 01.01.18 which closes at 883/- level, while applying  the analysis, all above indicators looks positive on the charts and according to the same it will tend to move in upside direction in coming days to come until unless closes below 850. Here’s the indicator wise analysis –

RENKO  - Block taken is 5 points, POSITIVE trend
PSAR – Taken (0.02) below the Line is POSITIVE trend
SUPERTREND – Taken (7,3), POSITIVE trend
VORTEX – line above 1.1 is POSITIVE trend
ADX – seems to be ‘Strong Trend’ - POSITIVE
STOCH – Taken 14, POSITIVE trend
RSI – above 50, POSITIVE trend

Chart as on 01.01.18
These Indicators give you the ‘direction’ of the trend which is of great accuracy and exit point is when more than 3 indicators becomes negative.

Chart as on 01.01.18

As you seen the shares price as on 19.01.18 is gone up by 925/- level and still the charts are on upward trend but ADX indicates slightly down trend would be happen in near term. So safe Investors will book profits and hunt for another strategy.

Dear Guys, here our purpose is to educate you to “Invest wisely” in the Market with the simple technical study of CHARTING while applying these indicators. It’s highly recommended not to trade the same without any proper guidance and understanding of these indicators also ask your financial advisor before you enter any trade with real money.